May 13, 2013

According to iPhone {5.13.13}

 Zane always talks me into playing at the park when we leave the gym. This week the weather was perfect for it.

Indy starts asking for Sean around the same time everyday. Which is around the time he usually gets home. So sometimes we'll wait out on the curb and watch him drive up. Indy ran for his car (which of course made Sean stop and put it in park) and reached up to hop through the window. Then he grabbed dads hat and glasses...and took over like a boss.

Indy learned to punch it or "knucks' recently. He wants knucks from everyone all day long. He likes high-five too.

We had breakfast at Snooze with some friends from my hometown. Indy climbed in and out of this chair probably 20 times.

Tonka trucks amaze me. Tonka should build iPhone cases and anything else that needs to be built sturdy.

I LOVE homemade pizza. Found my favorite combo...well for this week. Pesto+potato+chicken sausage+red onion+Gorgonzola+fresh mozz =Mmmm mmm good.

We picked up David and Elizabeth from their Europe trip and they brought awesome gifts for everyone! Legos and chocolate for the win!

We crafted for Grandma's big 75th birthday party.

We had an awesome Mother's Day spent at church and at home with some close friends. Steph, Kristi and I opened our gifts from Liz and had yummy food + dessert. I think I'll blog about it tomorrow :) 

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