May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day was nice. I told Sean not to get me anything because last year he got me an iPad. All I wanted was help around the house and for him to plant me some bougainvillea, which he'll do this week. Can't wait!!

We partly celebrated Mother's Day when we celebrated my Grandma Mavis's 75th birthday on Saturday. My aunt Merideth got all the moms some princess crowns to wear. On Mother's Day we woke up and headed off to church where the kids sang songs about moms and I received these 4 handmade tissue paper flowers. The best.

After church we had a light lunch and then the boys helped get a few things done around the house before relaxing and watching Planet Earth all afternoon. We had three other couples over for a spaghetti potluck for Mother's Day dinner. It was awesome. I made spaghetti and salad, Stephanie brought bread and my friend Erin made two beautiful cakes. Kristi was off the hook since she's about to pop any day now. The weather was perfect! We sat out on the patio and ate and chatted until the sun went down and we were able to turn on the hanging patio lights. 

Our Danish friend Kristian said it was "hyggelige" which means a cozy time. I loved that. I'm all about cozy. Funny that as we were sitting there with our Danish friends, we were opening gifts from Liz's Europe trip and my friend recognized the Danish brand that designed this pepper mill. 

Erin made a homemade chocolate cake and homemade coconut cake that were TO. DIE. FOR. Watch out extraordinary desserts! By the time we actually got around to eating the cake we were laughing at how our kids had destroyed it trying to sneak a taste {I'm quite sure Zane lead that tasting party.} I guess it's fitting that a Mother's Day cake clearly reveal that we're Mothers.

Indy loves Parker and Stephanie...and cake. Both cakes. This was a special Mother's Day for Stephanie. 

Daysen gave me a really sweet homemade card and I laughed when I read, " You are the best Mom ever! Without you us boys would be ugly, dirty hobos." I just loved that he recognized that. It's the honest truth! 

Go Moms. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. everything about that looks lovely. cute people, good food and fun times. lets be doing that soon! ;) miss you guys!