May 4, 2013

Buff Stuff

Okay guys, tonight was our amazing Ward Talent Show {I'll have to blog about it later because there was lots of good stuff} and I had to share this video we made. It's epic. 

Basically our Bishop, Christopher Beesley, was signed up for push-ups as his talent, by his buddy Aaron Clark. This suddenly evolved into a "voluntold" push-up contest with my hubby Sean. These three are workout buddies, but Aaron has been on hiatus while training for a marathon in a few weeks. We "secret squirreled" this video which was played tonight amongst tons of other awesome and hilarious shenanigans. It was the best.

So yeah, just call me "Spielberg," I shot this video and Sean edited it. Don't you dare get bored and quit watching it half way through. You'll miss my cameo and the best ending ever! 


PS. Click on the word Vimeo and it'll take you to the large screen. Don't be watchin' it all small screen. That's no fun. 

Buff Stuff video from Lela Boyd on Vimeo.

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