May 5, 2013

Talent Show Shenanigans

I posted a tidbit of our awesome Ward Talent Show yesterday, but seriously, there was so much cool stuff that it'd take me days to write about it. You just should have been there. Here are a few highlights I want to remember. 

Poor Indy. Mom and Dad were so busy that he had to spend a good chunk of time in the stroller. We parked him right by the stage so he actually had a good seat for most of the show. What a trooper. 

The Young Women were raising money for girls camp by hosting the event and had the most awesome ice cream bar. I helped with flower arrangements but this spread would all be the talent of Miss Stephanie and her young women posse. They did such a great job! It really was a fun, beautiful, inspiring event! I loved every minute. 
Amazing right?

It was so cute. Brenner signed up to do "Three jokes" for the talent show and he wrote and practiced them this week. That kid. He cracks me up. 

So if you know me well, you know I'm pretty social it might be a problem. I am however, deathly afraid of stages and microphones. In spite of this fear, I decided to giddy-up and sing with Stephanie for the talent show. We sang "Blowin' in the Wind" {we love us some Bob Dylan} and Steph wrote a beautiful harmony, while Sean accompanied on the guitar. It  ended up being pretty fun. We wore hippy headbands and went out on stage barefoot. Hippies represent!

Mad props to Parker. He's like the most helpful guy I know. At one time I think he was holding Indy, filming with my iPad and eating ice cream all at once. He rocks. 

So, the grand finale of the show was so good I can't even tell you...well I'll try to tell you. Here goes. A simple nudge by Aaron Clark (a counselor in the Bishopric) to have Christopher (our Bishop) do push-ups as his talent ended up being a three part extravaganza. It started with a skit where Sean and Christopher started a push-up competition on stage and then Aaron, who looks just like superman, stormed the stage to the score of Superman, tore off his shirt to reveal his Superman logo, started in on the competition and then snapped his fingers to a herd of hiding kids that came running over and jumped on Sean and Christopher allowing Superman to win. Little did Aaron know that while this skit was being planned during the week, Sean and Christopher were planning a film of their own

After we all laughed our butts off they decided that we still needed to see some push-ups. After all, there was a tip jar on stage with $187 in donations from an audience who wanted to see some push-ups! They invited a few other fit guys and ME on stage to rep it out to some music. I'm sure it was good entertainment. 
Here's me and my buddy Dan Jones. I was in a dress, because I'm a classy girl like that, but it mostly bothered me because I was worried people thought I was doing girl push-ups. Heck no! This girl was on her toes!! 

These guys put on a GREAT show. Talk about grand finale!

I really, really, really, really love my Ward. They're like family. I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I wish I had time to tell you about every one of them and all their amazing talents! From singing, to Amy and Ashleigh's awesome job mc-ing the event, hoola hooping, dancing, art, and so much more. Epic. It truly was. 

Hugs to all my LV1 peeps. Past and present. XOXO

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