Jul 1, 2013

According to iPhone {7.1.13}

This week~
We made s'mores and I decided Nutella s'mores are best. 
 The guys jammed. 
 The guys swam. 
 Zane made crazy faces. 
 Zane loved on some babies at our culdesac party.
 We wore matching stripes. 
 Then we snuggled. 
 We went to the zoo and rode lions. 
 I made fruit salad every single day. 

 Zane and Anja wore matching green pants. 
 The guys prepared to set sail. 

 We kept with our steady life cycle of swimming and zooing and partying. 
The End.


  1. I am jealous of your pretty eyes and your life. The end.

    1. You're so sweet my dear :) If I would've posted about the poop and the vomit and the laundry and the poopy vomit laundry, you wouldn't be so jealous. Haha! That would not be a fun post to view!