Jun 30, 2013

Come Sail Away

Kristian & Erin invited us to go out sailing with them this weekend and we were stoked - like happy dance stoked. They brought the boat over Friday night so the boys could clean it up and practice getting the sails up. Wouldn't you know, my Sailor has never really sailed...you know with a sail and everything. The weather was scheduled to be perfect so we packed up tons of yummy food and an ice chest full of Dr Pepper and dropped her into Mission Bay on Saturday morning. The kids LOVED it. They were so excited that they were squealing and jumping up and down like crazy. Maybe Erin and I were too... 

Just sailing along when we realized Zane had his life vest strap clear up his butt-crack. That kid! He thought it was hilarious so we had to take a picture for good ole memories sake. 
So there we were sailing along...pointing out the red jellyfish in the water...when BAM! Sea sickness hit. The water out in the open ocean had really big swells that day and we apparently were all totally unprepared. We started passing around the dramamine and stuffing our empty tummies with bread and cookies but it was too late and we started dropping like flies. Of course it's hilarious now but it was quite the scene. We were all deep breathing and telling the kids to look at the horizon and to try and relax. Kristian and Daysen were the only two who made it through unscathed.  Sean wasn't too bad as long as he didn't go down into the "cabin of sea-sickness-death."  Since Daysen was immune he became Kristian's first mate and our official cabin-runner for all necessary items from down below. Once we rolled into calmer water we all felt so much better. I realize that sea sickness (for you guys out there) is pretty much exactly like your first trimester of pregnancy...Just add some extreme exhaustion and a few hungry-screaming kids to the mix. 
Brenner was our one and only puker. 


 Yay! Finally all feeling better and the smiles started returning. 

 We finished our sailing adventure earlier than anticipated, so once we got the boat loaded up we decided to drop it off at my house and go swimming. We still had all the awesome food we had prepared so we brought it to the pool where we inhaled it like crazy teenage boys. Our appetites had returned and it was GAME ON! 
 We stayed until it was dark and we had to force our kids out of the pool. Do your kids do the "If I'm underwater I can't hear you" thing? Mine do. 
 "Wait, we're leaving? But we've been playing all day long!" 

 After a super-fun, super-long, super-adventurous day we even got up early the next morning and made it to church with 30 seconds to spare. Success! We're already planning our next sailing trip but with sea bands and every other kind of sea sickness preventative we can find...
The Meilsoes ROCK. Thanks guys! The end. 

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