Jun 28, 2013

The life of a baby bestie

 We've had several playdates with the baby besties this week so I'm compiling them into one post. My cousin Aubree pointed out that all I do is go to the zoo, have parties and go swimming. She totally described my life to a tee in one simple sentence. I wish we could throw "and goes to Disneyland every week" in there! Might as well throw in occasional Victoria Secret model while we're making up wishes. *Sigh*. We had a pool play date early this week and check out Ollie and Indy. Heartbreakers.

It's great for Sean that we have so many baby bestie friends. He gets his baby fix. 
We had a culdesac party at my house this week and check out all these babies! Zane was in baby heaven. 

We met up with Erin, Anja and Signe at the zoo this week too. It's true. We swim. We party. We go to the zoo. It's a good life for my minions. 

The End. 

1 comment :

  1. Love the baby besties and Zane the baby whisper/smotherer.
    Swim, zoo, party, repeat. Swim, zoo, party, repeat. Ain't a bad thing at all! The good life right there!!