Jun 27, 2013

Military Appreciation Day at Jones

I sure love my kids school but what I REALLY love are my kids teachers. They've been so lucky to have the best teachers year after year. From Mrs. Peterson to Mrs. Sanders, I could kiss these amazing ladies for their dedication to teaching my babies. Today was Military Appreciation Day at Jones Elementary. They had performances by a few classes, including Brenner's, and a breakfast for the Military families right after. Here's me and Indy with Ms. Chavez--Brenner's babe of teacher for 1st AND 2nd grade. We randomly all matched. She had on the cutest red heels but Sean took this picture and apparently didn't realize how important it was to capture her cute shoes.

 Ms. Chavez's class always performs the BEST stuff for programs. Always the coolest music. Always the hippest choreography. So, on top of being a babe--She's incredibly smart and talented. 

 Brenner wrote a poem for his "American Hero" Dad about, well...A'murica. 

I caught the tail end of their performance on my iPhone. 
 Afterwards the kids had some treats and breakfast items they had prepared with beautiful red, white and blue decorations & tables for the families. I really love living in a Navy town that takes time to honor and celebrate families who sacrifice so much. Jones Elementary for the win! 


  1. Wow - that is awesome! What a great school. You guys are really lucky. :)

  2. Jones school is the bestest! Small and personal. I'm sure gonna miss it next year...sigh. Love that they honor the miltary families. So so sweet.