Jul 29, 2013

According to iPhone {7.29.13}

~This Week~

Lizzy gave me some lipstick. I don't think I've ever really worn something with color before and I have no idea if it looks good. Whatcha think? I've always been a lip-gloss girl but I know bright color is all the rage.  
Speaking of color. Isn't this the best? Peachy-pinky-coral!
Even though Sean's ship pulled into port, he stayed on board all week pulling 15 hour night shifts and sleeping on ship during the day. We met up for a quick dinner at Miguel's in Coronado one evening. Then when he finally came home I had to video Indy running to him. I will never tire of seeing him love his Daddy. Pure joy. 

Indy. Total slob yet a lover of mopping and sweeping. 

I enjoyed every minute of Jenny snuggles. Somebody tell her to come back!
Indy is blonder than me now. I'm so jealous of his hair. Also, this photo reminded me I have a mustache. Awesome. Laser hair removal can't come soon enough. 
This week was Indy's first full Sunday in nursery. Sean stayed with him to ease him into it. I hope he ends up liking it. He is my most nervous child when it comes to being left alone without the rents. 
 Also Sunday, Dan blessed baby Leo and we all got to be there! I love my San Diego family. So sad the Smiths were out of town. 
The after church car crash. I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but as I was getting Indy and Zane some Benadryl for their allergies before church--Zane decided to take his AND Indy's dose before I had a chance to stop him. Oops. I guess he was acting kind of odd and then passed right out on the way home. 
Sunday dinner was ramen noodles on the patio. 
My farmer/lawyer/mom/fitness model/neighbor, Maisie, brought over fresh eggs from her chickens and fresh tomatoes from her garden. She's kind of amazing. Aren't these beautiful? I used the maters for mini wedge salads. I need land...lots of land. My farm girl is just itching to come out. 

The End. 


  1. You are ROCKING that lipstick mama! I love it! And I love how much Indy loves Sean. And I loved those little tomatoes. That's a lot of love. :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing the other day. I want a bunch of land to grow yummy food on and let the kiddies run wild. Love lipstick! Jealous your babe is old enough for nursery?! - A Skelton