Jul 27, 2013

My favorite Tex-Mex

The Rodriguez fam came into town from Texas this week; the same day as Sean's ship was pulling in from a short underway period. They came over to the house and we loaded up all the kiddies and headed to Coronado to pick up Daddy. In Indy's short little life this is the longest he has been away from his "Daddeeeeeee." It was sad, he actually had a hard time with him gone this week. Indy REALLY loves Sean and we were super excited to see how he would react when he saw him. He didn't disappoint.The moment he saw him he threw his hands up in the air and went running wildly into his arms. So sweet--turned me right into Mom Butter. 

 We all stood around and chatted and hugged and said funny stuff--cause that's what Boyd peeps and Rodriguez peeps do! 

 Prom Picture!!! 
(I laughed as I typed that) 

We ordered Pizza and had a nice dinner on the patio before Sean had to head back to the ship for a few more days of work. Then we all hung out watching movies and letting the kiddies cuddle.  
  We squeezed in some good times during the week when we could steal them away from family and other friends. 
Lunch at Burger Lounge was a must!
 Dave took all the kids to see Despicable Me 2 and then to the Lego store for a toy--I might note that Sean was insanely jealous of the fun that went down that day. Jenny and I hung out with the babies and enjoyed the silence.

These beautiful baby besties just 3 weeks apart. 
 Sean made it home for our last day together. We hung out in the backyard eating California Burrito and letting the kids run a muck. I thought I'd include a Plumeria update. I'm obsessed! My homeowner said some of the plants bloom red and purple. Can't WAIT! 

 We realized Brenner and Jack have matching double cowlicks. 
 Indy hoarding horchata...again.
 Getting a picture of multiple children is like herding cats through a field. Quite impossible. 

I really-really love them. I wish so badly they'd move back to San Diego. I wanted to include a story about Jenniline since I'm sitting here typing out memories. It's going to be long so feel free to bounce. I mostly just want to remember the details and share the experience. 

Jenny and I met working at Costco over seven years ago. It was one of those funny instant best friend connections. One of the first times we hung out we sat in her car and talked almost until the sun came up. I have a small collection of women in my life who are what I call "soul sisters." I feel so blessed to have them in my life and honestly don't know what I would do without these special relationships. So onto the story...

I was able to travel to Colorado Springs three years ago when Jenny was pregnant with David, her first child. I arrived a few days before she delivered and stayed a few days after he was born. Sean was home with all my kids so it felt like a mini vacation for me too; double win! A few days after baby Dave was born I went for a long run through the open fields and neighborhoods surrounding their home. As I was running I was admiring the mountains, the racing clouds and enjoying the breezes that seemed to whip around me and change directions and speeds with every stride. I remember that run very vividly. As I do when I run, I was thinking about all sorts of things. Life things. I remember thinking about my relationship with Jenniline and kind of emotionally pondering how special it was for me to be there and how close and precious she felt to me. I also had a thought about how kind of odd it was for us to be so close. We always jokingly talk about how I'm this tall white girl and she's this tiny Mexican-Filipino girl and that we might seem like unconventional best friends. Yet as I ran along thinking about it all, I really felt like our spirits could be twins-separated at birth. As that thought came to my mind I had this light bulb go off in my head that maybe we; our spiritual selves, knew each other in the life before and I suddenly became incredibly curious as to if that could really be. I decided I really wanted to know. I wanted to know so badly that I began to pray and as I had this kind of dialogue prayer with God, I asked him plain and simple "Did I know Jenniline before this life?"...The moment those words were said, a wave of emotion and warmth rolled over me. I felt like my heart was going to burst and my eyes were filled with tears. I don't usually have such fast and confirming answers to my prayers, but for whatever reason, God saw fit to let me have that answer--and I'll never forget it. I felt like I ran home on a cloud and as soon as I walked through the door I went right into Jenny's room and laid in her bed with her and baby Dave. It took me a minute to gather my emotions but I decided to tell her about my experience and as I did that same confirming warmth filled my heart and as I looked into her teary eyes I knew she felt it too. I'm forever grateful for that day. It truly was a gift...just like her. Love you, Jenny. 

The End. 

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful connection. Thank you for sharing.