Jul 24, 2013

Hotel California

Lizzy Lou came to visit this weekend. It worked out perfectly because she was able to stop through en route to her family reunion and hang out with me so I wasn't alone while Sean was gone. It was a really chill visit. We took the minions swimming several times, ate lots of fruit salad and sat around talking about our faith, families and how much we love breastfeeding (and how if you give us crap for nursing in public you might get punched in the face.) 

 On Saturday afternoon we went to Kristi's pool for a little 2nd birthday party for Ollie. Liz just "whipped up" these decorations real quick. What the heck right? Talent envy. 
 We sang that sweet little boy Happy Birthday and then ate way too much ice cream cake. 

 I'm not sure if Indy liked it...
 Yeah, probably not. 
We got 6 kids ready for early church on time with no husbands. I know most moms do this every week but I still want an award. Sunday mornings and I don't get along too well, so it's always amazing to me when we stroll in on time.
On Monday morning Liz made whole wheat waffles (now I think my kids love her more than me) and then we spent the rest of the afternoon at the park in Liberty Station playing and eating sandwiches from Con Pane. T'was perfect. 

I feel like Hotel California and I wouldn't have it any other way! Plenty of room at the Hotel California... 
The End. 

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