Jul 23, 2013

According to iPhone {7.23.13}

~This Week~

My Plumeria has been blooming all week. I wish you could all come smell it.

We dropped Daddy off for his first work trip away since we've been back to San Diego. Indy has been missing him like currrrazy! 

Kids had end of school parties galore. There were Popsicles and water-balloons. You know, the essentials. 

Sean always tells the kids that fruit is God's candy--ain't it the truth?!?

More pool and Popsicles. 
I watched Kristi's babes while she was working. I rocked it. Seven kids ain't no big thang. 
Plus, I got to snuggle baby Leo all afternoon and that was heaven. 
We made fresh pasta and tossed it with fresh basil and fresh Parmesan. Freshy-fresh-fresh and yumtastic!
Random is right. 
Love my Daysen. He's heaven sent. 
The End. 

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