Jul 19, 2013

Over and Out: Jones Elementary 2013

You guys, school is FINALLY out! I promised Sean I would take pictures of them every first and last day of school. Zane requested to take his upside down. No shock there. 

We made cookies for all the teachers (Zane has 3 teachers in Pre-K). We made Ms. Chavez a special basket though. She's been Brenner's teacher for two years straight and is seriously the BEST! I had to beg the Principal to allow him into her very full class two years ago, but I'm so glad I did! He's done so well and I owe most of that to her. 

We had Daysen's 5th grade graduation and promotion to middle school this morning. Daysen received yet another award for awesomeness. He's so good. The ceremony was short and sweet. We had cake, pictures with friends & teachers and then skipped out early to have a celebratory lunch at Ruby's Diner--Per Daysen's request.

Principal~Mrs. Powell
 Daysen's Teacher~Mrs. Bartley

  Brenner's Teacher~ Ms. Chavez
One of Zane's Teachers~Mrs. Rose

 It was sweet to see all the kids hugging and saying goodbyes. It's only a short 6 week summer but plenty of them are going to different schools. Some of the girls were straight up bawling-Tears and all. 

 As we hurried into the car, which was parked around the corner and down the street from the school. This sweet lady came out from her yard to come say hello. As she was telling the boys congrats, she just burst into tears and started telling me how wonderful & sweet she thought they were and how she missed those days with her three small babies so very much. She said, "You know I'm old and I'm tired. My husband of 40 years passed away and my new husband just suffered a stroke. Those memories of my little ones keep me going and bring me so much joy." I thought it was so sad but very sweet. Soooo, I hugged her. I know I'll always cherish these moments with my minions. Lucky for me, I have a husband who is constantly reminding me that "These are the good old days."  

 I love my smart little nerds :)

I'm so excited for summer! Let the fun in the sun begin, or continue really. Just starting and ending earlier every day :)

So, maybe you think I'm an eager beaver for blogging this same day--but kids are napping and a super fun and busy week awaits us, so better to get it recorded now.
Any-who...The End.

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  1. How wonderful life can be when you have wonderful parents that love each other. What a beautiful family you've made. This is my idea of success, wealth and happiness. You made it happen because you and Sean are life's real superheros!

    ~Aunt Andrea