Jul 15, 2013

According to iPhone {7.15.13}

~This week~
I sure made a ton of "lazy" pizza. They have this Lavash bread at Trader Joe's. It makes the best flat bread pizza and it cooks up on a pizza stone in less than five minutes. I'm sold.
 Someday he'll be in that pre-teen awkward phase with weird teeth and a goofy laugh. I just can't imagine it now, but no one is immune. Right?!?
 I was so excited about my ginormous new pool bag that I can fit 18 towels and everything else I need in. I was trying to send a photo to Erin to show her the grandness of it. Indy was not loving being put in the bag. In fact, he gave me dirty looks for several minutes after I rescued him. 
 Erin is one cray-cray girl. She just kicks off her shoes and climbs my avocado tree like a monkey. She tossed them down to me and I think by tomorrow we'll have enough ripe ones for a big fat bowl of guac. 
 This week was spirit week. How's that for 80's day? 
 We had some leftover sparklers to use up this week. Why are they so fun? WHY? I mean I still love them, and I'm 30. 
 This is a sneak peak of a Gender Reveal Party that went down in my back yard this week. I'll have to post about it later since the secret isn't completely out yet. No, I won't tell you, so don't ask! Ha Ha! Soon enough my friends. It really was incredible. 
Indy wants to be like his bros SO bad. Even if it means living dangerously and falling on his face every once in a while. 
 "What's that? You're trying to do homework? Well how 'bout I sit on your head?!?"

 I can't stop thinking about that darn Seared Ahi from our date night with the Palmers. I wish I could figure out how to make it. Anyone know how?
 We ended the week using up the rest of the sparklers. 
 Having the Meilsoe's over to use up the rest of the pizza fixings. 
 ...and snuggling with my babers. That kid has my heart. 
The End. 

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  1. Love the pics...Andrea is right you got Martha on the run. What type of seared Ahi was it do you know the flavors was its filleted thin or thick and crusted or not.