Jul 14, 2013

Four plus four: A Palmer visit

Our good friends, the Palmers, came to visit this weekend en route to their family vacation. We've missed the heck out of them since they moved back to Vegas after law school. We had so many fun times while they were here. Carolyn and I were super close and we both at the time had three kids each and crazy husbands who were pals. Our boys were the best of friends and it was so sad to when they had to say goodbye. Since then we've each added a new sweet baby boy to the mix; hence the four plus four. We had quite the houseful, but it was awesome! When they arrived I snuggled up baby Ollie and got oodles of big beautiful smiles. 
We packed up all the crazy kids, fed them Smash Burger and then headed to the pool. 
Look at Indy's death grip on Sean's arm. Even though he looks terrified, he loves it, I assure you. 
Sean was laying under water while holding Indy up with one hand. Indy would look down at Sean and smile and then look up at me and laugh. Twas cute. 

Lots and lots and LOTS of boys. 
We got the kids home and settled with the sitters, Kylie and Daysen, and then headed downtown to the waterfront for a beautiful sunset dinner at Ruth's Chris. Yumtown fo show! I think my very favorite thing was the seared ahi tuna with mustard sauce. I was practically licking the plate...just kidding...but seriously. They were so kind to take us out for letting them stay at our house, but we got the better end of the deal furrr-sure.

The next morning all 12 of us got up and got ready for early church and made it there ON TIME with all those kids. I was patting myself on the back all day for that one. We are so lucky to live in a place where people love to vacation! I love seeing people I love and I love the Palmers. The End. 

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  1. You're so pretty. I love that picture of you and Sean! Can't wait to be your visitor soon!