Jul 13, 2013

Spirit Week + Awards

It was spirit week at Jones Elementary this week. I think girls tend to have more fun dressing up, but my boys tried their best. I missed photos for sports day and pajama day. Here's cray-cray hair day. 
Here we have 80's day. I honestly couldn't think of what to put them in, but after some tips from friends we popped a few collars and called it good. I had the sweeeetest set up for Brenner to be Bret Michaels but he chickened out last minute. He said it was too weird for him. Ha ha!

Brenner gave his presentation that he had prepared on Benjamin Franklin that day. It was super cute.
Also, Daysen won two awards at an awards assembly that day. One from his teacher for being a great citizen and the other was a more prestigious award from the Principle for his excellence in Math. All the kids with this award got a Presidential Medal. Daysen is such a good kid. I don't think I've ever once had to tell him to do his homework--also,
I can't believe he's going to middle school! Yikes and HELP!

Friday was Patriotic Day so the boys wore some red white and blue. First photo attempt was a bust with a photo bomb by Indy. I wish you could hear him saying "cheeeeeeeeeeeese." I've trained him well. 

Zane wore his Superman shirt and wanted a Superman curl to go along with it. 

Brenner's award ceremony was on Friday and like the awful mom I am...I missed it. You win some--you lose some. He was awarded two awards as well. The Principle's award and an excellence in math award. Go B!

Silly kiddos. So proud of them and SOOO excited that this means school is almost out. I only hope their thrashed shoes can hold out for one more week. 
Yes, that hole goes all the way through. 
The End. 

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  1. I love these blogs... those boys are too cute and super cool