Jul 9, 2013

According to iPhone {7.9.13}

~This week~
Indy demands to wait for "Daddeeeeee" to get home so he can run up to the car, jump through the window and drive Daddy's car around the cul-de-sac to park.

 My handy dandy army of helpers. 
Zane's bed head never ceases to amaze me. 

 I think I'm a pro in the s'more making department. Mad skills ya'll. 
 Love these new re-usable swim diapers. Plus they're so cute on baby bums. 
 We had a stellar 4th of July

Summer heat has been brutal to my flowers but I can still scrounge up a weekly bouquet. 
 Sean bought a gas firepit and I lubb it. Warm toes make me happy. 
Lots of men on guitars singing songs. Erin and I made them a list of favorites we want them {rather demanded them} to perfect. 
 My Sons on Sunday. 
Sundeee Dinner with peeps I love. 

 Flowers make me happy!
Stage names; William & Walter.  
The End. 

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