Aug 8, 2013

Indy: one point five.

Today Indy turns 18 months. This is big for me...besides being officially in Nursery, I feel like I can finally accept that he's a toddler (even though he'll always be my baby). He has brought so much joy and love into our home and makes me happy every single day.
~Indy Jackson Boyd~
18 Months.
 26 pounds & 31 inches tall.
Loves to eat mango squeeze pouches, raisins and any and all meat.
Still nursing occasionally and calls it "snack, snack."
Still loves Daddy most, asking for him all day and running into his arms any chance he gets.
Says too many words to list but some favorites of mine are:
Dumbo, Daddeeee, Mommeee, bro bro, Day-day, eeee-eee (birdy), ishy (fishy), yuv you, ewwww and leeelah.
He says "cheese" and poses for photos--I've got him trained well.
He loves being pushed around the neighborhood on anything with wheels.
He loves to play with balls and calls anything round "ball-ball."
He's very social and says hello and waves to almost everyone he sees. 
Everyone thinks he's a girl but I refuse to cut his blond curls.
Loves being in the pool and is not afraid to jump in or get dunked. 
He's calm.
He's a boob grabber. 
He's very observant and will point things out to me throughout the day. 
He LOVES his brothers.
"Bear" is the nickname that has stuck with him the most. 
He still has asthma and eczema-it breaks my heart but he's a champ. 
He really loves when Sean plays guitar and will just sit and listen.
He remembers all his friends names. 
He's still cuddly and I LOVE it. 

Indy Lately

The End. 

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