Aug 5, 2013

According to iPhone {8.5.13}

~This Week~

For family night we took the minions to see Monster's University in Coronado, with our friends, the Crandall's.  
We had the Missionaries over for din-din. Indy was obviously stoked. They sang us the sweetest song about Christ on the Ukelele.  
BBQ Chicken was the boy fave by a long shot. I still prefer caramelized onion + pear. 
We watched Daddy play ball. Indy is his number one fan, ya know. 
As I was watering my herbs, I saw Indy about to eat a roly-poly from across the yard. I mean, I saw him think about it and he was totally going for it. So I yelled stop and sprayed him with the hose. He was a little shocked to say the least. I did however get towel snuggles and he forgave me. It's a win!

Sooooo yeah, I suck at weaning. I'm trying...I really am. He just dive bombs my boobs any chance he gets. It's the most heartbreaking thing to tell your sweet little baby no. Plus, it makes me feel like he really loves me. Cause let's face it--Daddy is number one. 

His main squeeze.
He sure loves Day-Day too. See, I'm moving down the list fast. 
Lisette and her Mom were in town and took me to Snooze. It was wonderful and delicious and all things good. 
I keep buying these gladiolus. The colors are so brilliant AND they're like a dollar-something at Trader Joe's. 
Cousin Kam came to town. Zane really likes him. 
We made a peach+berry cobbler with a poppy-seed topping for dessert on Sunday. Then we watched Cast Away and I decided I'd need a Wilson too. I'm such a people person. 
Someday my boys will stop being snuggly. I'm sure I'll cry when the day comes. Until then...I'll keep on loving it.
The End. 

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