Aug 4, 2013

Kam + Beach

Sean's nephew, Kameron, came to visit this weekend. Kam is the only cousin my kids have on Sean's side of the family and yet this was their first time meeting him. Total craziness! Although, he was living in Canada up until lately so we had a mildly appropriate excuse (my kids have never seen snow either, so hey, we need to get out of San Diego more often). He lives close now and drove down from LA for the weekend--We had a blast! Friday we took him to get tacos, Saturday was the gym and the beach and Sunday we took him to church. My kids think he's THE coolest!
All Boyd boys and one random guy out in the distance...ignorantly photo-bombing my photo. 

Kam brought his GoPro camera and they got some cool shots in the water. Pretty rad. 

Indy and I stayed on the shore and relaxed most the time. Well, except for when he was chasing birds.

Zane ran around, rolled in the sand and dragged around seaweed. ALL things that don't sound fun to me.  

Then Indy saw Daddy and I was chopped liver. 

Then there was Brenner...working on his tan. 

Indy not getting his way...
 Indy doing yoga...
 Indy practicing his photog skills...
 Sean being hot...
continuing the hotness... 
Lovely clouds, eh?
 Will I always be the ONLY girl in this family?!?!
 Zane begged Kam to take him home with him Sunday afternoon. I totally would've let him. If anyone else wants Zane for a week, let me know! I could use a nap. 
 We ended the weekend following Indy around the yard taking WAY too many pictures of that kid, per usual. 

...and PINK plumeria is blooming! 
The End. 


  1. I'll take Zane! But I'll need to take a Xanax first and get some bubble wrap... :)

    1. Deal! I'm pretty sure I can arrange both of those :)

  2. Ok, so your kids haven't seen snow?! How deprived! Well my kids finally saw the ocean for the first time last week so I can't give you too much crap. We all LOVED the beach.... I could live there all day! FYI - my hubby might have to come your way for some work classes sometime in the next few months. If so, I'm buying a ticket and I want to play with you while he's busy! Let me know if you're down with that and I'll let you know if we ever get a date figured out.

    1. YESSSSS ANN! Just let me know when! It's been way too long!