Sep 2, 2013

Trip For Two For Lizzy Lou

My wonderful friend Lizzy had her Golden Birthday last week. She turned 29 on the the 29th. Her actual birthday was pretty low key, I think she might have even sent a text that day with a photo of her leg covered in baby poop. Little did she know that her weekend was about to be awesome. Her husband planned for her San Diego girlfriends (although Kristi and Stephanie couldn't come which was super sad) to drive out and meet up with her Arizona girlfriends for a surprise Girl's Night at True Food Kitchen in Phoenix. Erin and I loaded up and headed out Friday morning and made it in time for some shopping at Last Chance and were even greeted by a beautiful sunset and double rainbow. 

We arrived at the restaurant first and were seated in this adorable glass room in the back with a beautiful large table that we were all swooning over. Her local gal pals all arrived just in time, and as David and Lizzy walked by the room she took THE BEST double take you ever saw. The look of real shock is one of my favorite things in life and hers was epic. She looked at all of us and then just started sobbing and leaned into David for a good cry. Success! It was friggin' awesome. 

After dinner, and the best Kale salad I've ever had, we headed to Capital Grille for dessert. The coconut cream tart was amazing. Dear coconut--I love your guts!!!

Erin and I planned to spend all day Saturday with Lizzy too! So Saturday we had lunch at Tia Rosa's, where they have the best chips & salsa in all the land...
Then we hit up Downtown Mesa for some Antique shopping and scotcharoos at Sweet Cakes Cafe...

Then Erin found some cute books cut into letters...
Then we headed to the theater to see Austenland before meeting up with Erin's childhood best friend for a lovely dinner for four at La Grande Orange. 

We headed home Sunday morning and on the way out of town stopped at Target for Motrin and ace bandages to wrap up my poor boobs. I used this girls trip as a dual purpose to finally stop nursing. I think I cried 3 separate times on the trip but I'm doing much better now. You might have noticed my chi chi's look muy grande in all the photos. Anywho, more on that later. 

Such a fun weekend! I'm glad our husbands rock and let us do these things. Women need women, it's a fact. Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Liz and thanks to Erin for the the fabby road trip of classic rock, Dr Pepper and awesome convos. Love to my girls! XOXO 

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