Sep 3, 2013


While visiting Liz in Arizona, we spent an afternoon in downtown Mesa at the coolest Antique stores. I wanted everything. EVERYTHING! Okay not the shot glasses with sports team logos or vintage playboy figures, but they had lots of good stuff! I've come to the conclusion, like so many others, that I'm a circumstantially frustrated designer. There's never enough energy, space, money and time to do all that I want. So I often daydream of rooms that one day I'll design and relax in. I am, and have always been, someone who is greatly affected by my surroundings. A clean & beautiful room just does something to me. It's where I find joy and peace. I'd say my overall style is eclectic. I don't like rules so it's best suited for me. I photographed some of the things I wanted to buy, but didn't, and probably will regret later. Enjoy the eye candy! 

Starting with my favorite thing and biggest regret for not purchasing. This vintage chafing dish. Isn't it perfect?!?! It fits a standard casserole dish and has little holders for tea-lights underneath. It was love at first sight. 
Pear Salt & Pepper shakers. 

 Ending with this giant wall piece. I could fit SO much awesome stuff in there! Did you love it all? Yeah, me too.
The End. 

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