Sep 3, 2013

According to iPhone {9.3.2013}

~This Week~

We arrived home from our family vacation at Liz's Ranch.
 Indy rode the dragon. 
 I came home to lots of strawberries. 
 San Diego had beautiful sunsets. 
 Erin and I toasted a huge plate of marshmallows so we could make Toasted Mallow Shakes. Probably the smartest thing we've ever done in life. 
 Zane informed me that he was making cupcakes for Liz's birthday. 
 We skyped with the whole fam to hear my cousin Tyler open his mission call to Jackson, Mississippi. 
 Daddy was the fave. Again. 
 Indy stacked cups and listened to Sean play. 
 My fortune said to get out of town. So I did
 ...and it was awesome. 
Tia Rosa's had the best chips I've ever had. They even had the coveted 3 chips stuck together. I almost saved it to bring home to Sean since they're his favorite. 
 The End. 

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