Sep 17, 2013

Where I'm From

The other day someone asked me where I'm from. I've always had the hardest time with this question. I was born in a car, probably racing through traffic, in Orange County on a cool October evening. I've lived in Southern California for the first 5 and last 9 years of my life and it just feels like my home. It's where most of my family is. It's where 3 of my babies were born and where they've all grown up. Yet, when people ask us where we are from I tend to hesitate and Sean always says Idaho. Even though he was born in California and grew up in Davis, CA. He actually only spent 5 or 6 years of his Jr High/High School years living in Idaho. I guess he seems to think that you're "from" wherever you graduate high school. When I think about Idaho and the small town I spent my school years in; the fondest memories are of the orchards I grew up on. We had apples, peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, walnuts, hazelnuts and the hugest garden anyone could ever hope for. Ohhhh, how I long for those orchards. I think that's where my conflict lies. I'm a city girl who wants a farm. 

I love everything about Southern California. I love the weather, the taco shops, the beach, the style, the vibe and the abundance of Trader Joe's. I dislike the cost of living and lack of wide open space to call your own, but I've come to realize I can still live those farm girl dreams in my itsy-bitsy yard. 

Yesterday, after I watered all my plants and was admiring the colors and smells, I took pictures to remember how blessed I am to have all this. I have Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Plumeria. 

I planted Zinnias, Ranunculus, Freesia and Gladiolus that I'm anxiously awaiting to bloom next spring.  
I have tomatoes and lemon, orange, avocado and pomegranate trees.  

I have herbs growing year round. The smells of lavender, basil, mint, and rosemary fill my back yard. 

We have succulents, green grass, palm trees and flower blooms all year round. Even through winter.

I'd say my farm girl is doing just fine here. In my dreams I'd love to have my own Garden of Eden with every fruit and vegetable I ever wanted growing all year round. Something about gardening and watching things grow just makes me happy. Eating vine ripe tomatoes also makes me happy. 

The conclusion. I'm from here. San Diego and her abundance of bougainvillea will always have my heart and be home. 

The End.