Oct 22, 2013

All you need is Annye Love

Grandma Annye Love came for a visit this weekend. I have a special place in my heart for her free spirited self. Everyone should have a hug and kissy, nature loving, piano playing, song singing, veggie eating, love promoting hippy Mama in their lives. She's just so joyous!

The four days went by super fast but we had lots of fun talking, eating, playing and enjoying the lovely weather. She arrived Friday and we did what we do--went out for shrimp tacos. If you come to visit, we get shrimp tacos. It's a must. Then she spent the evening with the boys and sent Sean and I off to dinner and movie for my birthday. She's the best. 

We went through some old pictures of Sean on Saturday morning. I couldn't believe how much he looks like my boys! Brenner especially. I was dying--I want to snuggle him...the baby him. 
On Saturday afternoon we attended a 2nd birthday party for sweet Colbie. 
There was a bouncy house and Indy didn't love it. 
 ...and Zane injured himself in it. 
 Then ran off with balloons per usual Zane behavior. 

 We took Grandma to church on Sunday and then spent the afternoon relaxing before taking a drive to Coronado. Other fun items of note were singing songs whilst Sean played guitar, playing dominoes and Grandma helping the boys make hippy bracelets. 

Oh, and some feet eating.  

 On Monday we met up with Sean for lunch at Miguel's in Coronado. Then we picked up the kiddies from school and Grandma took us all out for ice cream and a roam around the mall. 

Tuesday morning Indy and I hit up Snooze with Grandma and had great discussions on all sorts of things--then we sent her off with hugs and kisses until next time. We sure love Mama Annye. She's such a love bug and a ray of sunshine to us all. 
The End. 


  1. Hottie alert at the end! I LOVED that she volunteered to play piano for RS on Sunday! What a talented lady!

  2. You have the BEST clothes?! Where in the world can I find them? Do tell ;)

    1. Dear Anonymous, Gee thanks! Should I be embarrassed to say most of my clothes are from Target? I shop the regulars too--GAP, Banana, H&M, Nordstrom Rack, Marshall's :)