Oct 24, 2013

Goodbye To Thirty

 Thirty, you've been fun. You've been memorable and exciting and full of people I love--but it's time to say goodbye now. Thirty-one is here and the journey into my 30's is in full force. I remember very vividly the feelings I felt leading up to my 30th birthday. My life had been tousled after a stressful cross country move (ya know, with four kids and a nursing 3 month old in the muggy heat of summer) and an unsure future ahead. We were (im)patiently waiting for news of Sean's next duty station and impending second move to come through. I felt lost. I felt unsure. Mostly though, I felt incredibly insecure. I wasn't at my best. I felt weak physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

This is where reflection is always so very comforting to me. As I look back on the last year you know what I see? I see progress, I see blessings and I see joyful memories all guided by a loving Heavenly Father who knows me well. Much better than I know myself. It's taken a long time for me to be okay with the fact that perfection, whether it be with my body or the cleanliness of my floors, is not something I will most likely obtain in this life. I can however, progress in all things and take joy in the small successes and learn from the failures and setbacks. I can appreciate what I have and continue to remind myself daily that "these are the good old days." I think setting some goals for this year is just what I need to encourage (or guilt trip) myself to keep progressing. So here goes nothing! 

1. Bench press two 45 pound plates on a 45 pound bar. Legit reps. 
2. Run a half marathon under two hours. 
3. Read at least one book a month (that's not a children's book).
4. Paint one painting a month.
5. Take a photography class.
6. Read something spiritual everyday. 
7. Take each of my sons on a date.
8. Try something new (maybe something I'm fearful of).
9. Plan an epic family vacation. 
10. Always be kind. Always. 

Saying goodbye to 30 wouldn't be complete without thanking all the people in my life who have made it great. I have the best husband, children, family and friends any gal could hope for. I thank God for you every single day. Now everyone hug yourself for me. Ready go!

The End. 


  1. You are beautiful and have such a light around you. Love that we get to work together in church & be friends--win win for me.


  2. You are amazing to me! Last year was quite a doozie for you! How you did that move and not turn looney tunes, is impressive! You inspire me daily. You just have it all together! Great mom, super friend, fabulous cook, tough as nails, style and design for daysss, just what can't you do miss Lela love?? I'm a lucky girl to call you one of my beasties! Happy happy birthday my beautiful friend! 31 looks terrific on you! It's gonna be a grrreat year :))

  3. You are the best. Like, I can't believe how lucky I am to have you as a friend! Wish I was there to bring you a big DP, a hug and a million dollars. :)