Oct 7, 2013

Fall Dinner Party

My friend Becca hosted a fall dinner party this weekend while the guys were at Priesthood session of General Conference. It was kind of perfect because girl's nights and dinner parties and fall foods are all my favorite things rolled into one. The invite asked that we bring a fall treat to share. To be honest, I waited until last minute and just happened to be making my coconut granola that morning--so it worked. Others made treats like mini pumpkin bread loaves & dipped Oreos.  Stephanie made caramel apples. I swear everything that girl makes is my favorite. 

Becca's house was decorated super cute for fall. It almost made me want to decorate the inside of my house for fall...then I got exhausted thinking about it and decided it's best to save all my energy for Christmas. 

Dinner was soup + bread + salad. All super delish! There was a beautiful fall table setting on the patio with candles and string lights. Very cozy. So cozy that we sat there eating and talking for 5 hours. I'm not kidding. It was 5 hours. Girl's can go the distance in the convo department. 

Becca asked me to bring dessert so I made this Salted Butterscotch Pot de Crème brûlée. They were as good as they sound. I shall for sure be making them again. 
 I hope she keeps having dinner parties because it rocked. Wouldn't it be fun to start a dinner party group and rotate monthly? Someone should get on that...

The End. 


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the rotating dinner group! We should definitely do that. Also, I am still dreaming about that Pot de Creme--beyond delicious!

    1. I loved your apples, Stephanie! So yummy and so cute! You always do a fantastic job. xoxo

  2. That is a brilliant idea! I like the idea of rotating! thanks for coming and bringing those--my mouth is watering right now! And your granola--need that recipe!