Oct 3, 2013

According to iPhone {10.3.2013}

~This Week~

I painted some gold stripes on my mat frames. Which was fun, until Indy spilled paint all over the friggin' place. Cleaning paint sucks. It's almost as bad as laundry. 

We went to the Lego store. 

Zane was being funny. He's such a character. That big hair just keeps getting bigger. He still asks for a Superman curl everyday. I'll be sad when he's over it. 

We went to Snooze with the girls. Indy was jammin' in the booster. 
We attended a Batman Birthday party next door. All Indy cared about was the chickens. He's obsessed. 

Kids these days are so tech savvy. Indy watches movies and opens educational apps on my iPad. I love that he made himself a little seating arrangement. 

I made Glazed Coconut Bread and it was a hit. I had promised the neighbors baked goods after Zane peed in their yard. Oi. 
We had a lovely Sunday dinner of Soup + Rolls. I even set the kids table to match. Why not :)

My apple biting culprit has been caught!
Pretty chill week...

I'm enjoying the cooler temps...

I've been staying up in the evenings working on crafts. I always love that me time. I need to craft more often.

I'm rambling now. 
The End. 

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  1. I think we need your Glazed Coconut Bread recipe. Now. ;) Awesome posts!