Sep 24, 2013

According to iPhone {9.24.2013}

~This Week~

Kids had cleanings at the dentist. I was so stoked to hear they were cavity free and that their brushing and flossing has improved. I honestly have no energy to clean other people's teeth, let alone my own. So all the nagging has paid off! We enjoyed the ducks, turtles and koi fish afterwards. 

Indy has figured out that his tiger is basically a mobile stepping stool. He just scoots it around and uses it to climb on stuff. I love that he's pointing and saying "Gamma Gamma!" He loves her. 
I'm obsessed with Kale. Not my brother. The green stuff. Who knew it makes the best salad? I've tried to recreate the True Food Kitchen version. It's freaking yumtastic. Little lemon, olive oil, garlic + toasted bread crumbs and parm. Yeah Baby!
Vanilla is my most favorite flavor and smell. I put this in everything, so I ordered a big fat quart of it from Amazon. What shall I bake first?!?!
Wow, I post a lot of stuff about food. I made these Crostini this week to make sure they were as good as they sounded in my head before serving them. Fig butter + caramelized onions + herbed chèvre & thyme. 
We had a really fun Enrichment Activity about brushing up on your hostess skills. I wish you all could've been there for the food alone! 
I wore these pants. They're slacks I guess, but they feel like pajamas, which I was really excited about. I like when comfy things are in style. 
Note to self: Don't be late for church. Sitting in the front row with four boys is embarrassing. Notice my child rolling around on the floor and kicking the pulpit. 
Mr. Indy Bear has finally been snugly without becoming angry for telling him there's no more snack snack. I force him to snuggle sometimes. It's like mom crack.
It's fall right?!?! I mean, if Costco has Christmas stuff out, I can put up the fall decor. I just get so excited. Now off to bake something... 
The End. 


  1. You should check out our recipe. It's a kale salad with balsamic vinagrette, pine nuts, and pomegranate. Seriously soooo good!! :)

  2. To whoever it was who left the anonymous negative comment. CONGRATS! You were my first negative comment. Don't you feel SOOO much better about yourself now that you attacked me as a mother?!? Bravo! You're totes gonna have a great week now.

    A good friend said negative blog commenters are like Satan's "evil minions." Only someone allowing evil to influence them would think to drag down others and be toxic to their own souls in return. I have never, would never do that. I only project LOVE. I can't tell you how satisfying that is. You should try it.