Oct 27, 2013

Jones' Halloween Party

We attended the Jones' Family Annual Halloween Party on Saturday. I was secretly overjoyed to find out they didn't have one last year while we were in Virginia. I hate missing fun things! It's always super fun, plus there's good food and more opportunity for kids to wear out the costumes. 

Indy was a 50's greaser. He had no idea what was going on--but he knew he looked cool. 

Zane was Superman. Curl and all. 
 Brenner was Snake Eyes and was running around performing ninja moves all day. 
 Daysen was a pirate and I was a back up dancer from, "What does the fox say?"

 I felt lame for not making homemade food for the potluck but Costco had pumpkin rolls and I was out of time. All the food was Halloween themed and the very best thing was Emily's pumpkin soup with a green apple + cranberry relish. Best. Soup. EVER. 

 Sean tried to be lame and not dress up...
 So Emily gave him a sombrero and mustache and he became Sean Juan. 
These two!!! Carrie and Eric won best costumes in my book. They looked awesome! 

 Emily had photo props, dance party, spooky story telling, gift bags and games for the kids. That girl knows how to throw a party. We all had so much fun!

Then Indy hijacked Abby's fox costume. First he had to make sure her tail wasn't a real animal by kicking it. 
By the end of the night the costumes were off and tummies were full. Success! Thanks Jones Fam!

The End. 


  1. Omgeeee! Dying over indy's costume!! Dying! Too too cool!! And you nailed it as a backup dancer!! Looks like a blast!!

  2. SOOOO cute! I love all the boys costumes. You look hot in those pants girl--work it! Work it! All the food looked yummy and so darling! I like how she had so many activities for the kids as well. Excited for Halloween night with you and your boys!