Oct 31, 2013

According to iPhone {10.31.13}

~This Week~

It was red ribbon week. The kids wore sunglasses, boots and funny socks all week.

 Indy takes most of his naps in the car, which means I sit in my car a LOT. Thank goodness for Mumford & Sons, dental floss and iPhones. I'd be so bored without them. 
 I grew the teeniest strawberry. I've had several tiny little berries this week. I love them. They're really sweet and well tiny. Who doesn't love tiny fruit? 
 Soup season is on like Donkey Kong. We have soup almost every night. Please don't let me ever get sick of soup. Anyone have a favorite soup recipe? Share please! I need new ideas. 
  Sunday was the Primary Program. AKA, best Sunday of the year! Hearing those little voices singing and speaking is just pure joy. I think we need to have them more often. 
 Zane found a stamp. Nuff said. 
 Indy was rockin' his costume. I took him to the gym and running errands all day on Halloween. He got lots of attention. He's just kind of pretty I guess. He knew he looked cool and he worked it. 
From Birthday to Halloween it's been a pretty fab week. 

The End. 

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  1. 2nd motion for soup & more primary programs (as if my mascara didn't run enough that day).