Nov 1, 2013

Halloweenie 2013

Halloween rocks. I love it all--the dressing up, trick or treating, pumpkins, sticky fingers and tummies filled with warm soups and hot apple cider. I love the traditions {we always watch Van Helsing and make chili} the fall colors and the excitement of all the sugar crazed kids. This year was a blast. Our friends, the Crandalls, invited a few families over for dinner and trick or treating in their neighborhood. Their house is adorable and was all cozied up with pumpkins lit and candy stocked. They're the coolest fam, and bonus, we each have four kids so everyone has a buddy to match up with. Perfs!

Of note--Zane had no shoes all night. I didn't even notice until we were almost done. Oops. 

Sean missed out this Halloween {poor guy} but here's our fam shot. It's getting harder and harder to get everyone to look at the camera. Indy kept looking at me and saying "Pa pa pow!"
 The Crandalls rocked it with the Avengers costumes and carved pumpkin to match!

Stephanie and Parker were in homemade quarter and gum ball machine costumes. As if her prego belly couldn't get any cuter! 

The chicks. Becca was sans a husband too. She made the best salad I've had in a long time and took awesome photos all night {several I snagged for this post-thanks boo}. Talent people--She has lots. 
 OK, so here is the best thing ever in life for a parent. Watching your baby experience something exciting and new for the first time is THE best and Indy did not disappoint. I got a picture {in the midst of chaos} of his very first "twick or tweet". He was hooked. He said "tay-too" and ran from house to house squealing and stomping and eating whole candies with the wrapper still on.  

 Then he met up with Lexi the pirate and they had a Halloween kiss...or two...OK 5. It was the cutest. 
Then we arrived home late--too late to finish homework. So Brenner wrote this gem that I found on the counter before bed. I die.  
Happiest of Halloweens indeed!!!

The End. 

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  1. Loved this post! From barefooted Zane to Indy stealing kisses from sweet Lexi to brenners appolgy note for his teachers with peace offerings of m&m's and skittles. So so cute! Only thing that could make it better is to have the jones join in the fun! Stonecrest is such a great place to trick or treat b/c the houses are so close you can hit a bunch in a short time. Perfect for little legs to not get as tried. Great night!