Nov 2, 2013

The Little Mermaid

We spent Friday evening in Balboa Park with a big ole group of friends. We made plans to meet up at the fountain for a picnic dinner and then walk on over to the Casa del Prado Theatre to see The Little Mermaid Musical. Our friends daughter, Sydney, was performing in the show and we all wanted to go together to support her. I love Balboa Park. Every time I go I'm upset that I don't go more. 

 Our group took up 2 whole rows, which was awesome because we could pass naughty kids around and not worry about the person next to us being annoyed. 
 The kids {and adults} LOVED the show! It was colorful & familiar and the characters were all cast and played well. I admit I would've liked the Prince and King Triton to be more manly--consequence of youth theatre I guess. After the show we all went out front to meet the cast. Zane the Brave took his program around and asked all the cast to sign it...well mostly the pretty girls in the cast. He's such a flirt. He was getting hugs and kisses right and left. 

 Did I ever mention how much I love the Smiths?

The musical will be playing through November 17th I believe. San Diego peeps your kids will love it!

The End. 

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