Nov 25, 2013

According to iPhone {11.25.2013}

I found this first set of pictures on Sean's iPhone. They're from the day we had Stephanie's baby shower. I sent Sean and the boys away and it looks like they had oodles of fun!

Sean got home from a short underway a week ago and it took a few days for Indy to allow him out of his sight. They love each other so very much. Mom butter. Melty delicious mom butter. 

 Had a few outings with my girls.

It has been this strange mix of crazy and calm. I have lots of things on my to do list--way too many things to actually accomplish. We've been sticking it to that list as much as possible. 

This week has been the beginning of Holiday craziness. It's all so overwhelmingly wonderful. We've been baking and decorating and listening to nonstop Christmas music. I'm listening to John Gary's Christmas album this very minute. Joy.

The End. 

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