Dec 18, 2013

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~Lately in Life~

Everyone knows that San Diego has the most amazing weather, but this month has been killer amazing. An average of 75 degrees with the most beautiful cotton candy sunrises and sunsets. I can't help but attempt to capture the grandness of them, but, I usually take the picture and then scoff at how it just "doesn't do it justice."--and it doesn't. You just have to be here and experience it. 

 Dear Trader Joe's, 

I know you think you're being soooo nice by offering these cute mini carts for your cute mini shoppers, but as moms, we hate them. They cause fights amongst siblings. They are rammed into the ankles of elderly and childless people. They're filled with crap we have to fight screaming toddlers to return to shelves. Bad idea. Instead, maybe just put a bucket of suckers by the entrance doors and that'll get us through the shopping trip quite nicely. 

Love, Moms
 Oh wonderful month of Christmas parties, Christmas music, Christmas outfits and Christmas lights!

 We had the kids make Christmas lists this year. We gave them the prompt to add something they "want, need, wear and read." My kids are hilarious (to me), but Brenner listed his need as "pumkin pie" and I just about died. Considering pies are cheap, he'll probably get one. 
 This kid is over photographed. I can't help myself though. It's either him or the plate of pretty food. 

We freaking love having the Meilsoes back. We've been hitting the gym, the town and the taco shops together.

 The flu made it's way through our house. A few of us are still on the mend but I've had some cuddly little boys lately. It's the only perk of having sick babies. They'll cuddle the crap out of you. 
 Christmas is just one week away! Presents and cards are arriving in the mail (thank you Grandparents), cookies are being made, gifts wrapped, Target trips going down and Christmas songs are blasting. I just love it. 
Hope y'all are having a fabulous Holiday Season! 

The End. 

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