Dec 14, 2013


 We took the kiddies to see Christmas lights on Friday. We pumped them full of sugary candy cane hot chocolate and headed out into the freezing  kinda coldish night air. We hit up some neighborhoods and then headed over to the Temple grounds to see my favorite lights in all the land. 

 Of note: Daysen wasn't felling well. Hence the "this is kind of torturous" smile in all his pictures. 

 This was Indy's first time really seeing Christmas lights, so, he really put on a good show of "ooooos and ahhhhhhs." 
 If you're a San Diegan, and you want to see some awesome lights and a few beautiful nativities--head over to the LDS Temple in La Jolla. Anyone can go see them and you'll love it. I promise. 

 You GUYS, it totally snowed in San Diego just for us!!! Only, not really. I'm determined to take my kids to see real life snow this year. My poor, basically abused, children. 

 Erin went sheep tipping in the nativity. Actually, our kids did and we kept having to help up this one sheep who wouldn't stay up. 

Awesome time with awesome peeps! Another Holiday fave in the books!

The End. 

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  1. do you make lights look SOOOOOOOOO amazing in photos?!? Teach me your ways!