Dec 9, 2013

Christmas Party {church edition}

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was to plan our church Christmas party with my posse of awesome possums. It's been a crazy week planning and prepping, but it was all so very rewarding. I was hoping all the elements of a fabulous Christmas party would be included, and I think we pulled it off. Great food, classic decor, Christmas music, delicious cookies and wonderful company. Oh, and glitter. Lots and LOTS of glitter. That was fun to clean up. 

Here is the invite with all the party deets!
I was so crazy busy, that all I was able to capture were a few snap shots of the decor before banishing myself to the kitchen for hours of food prep. We made almost all of the decor and I thought it was spectacular for keeping it so inexpensive. 

We had people sign up to bring gourmet cookies for the dessert table. There were so many beautiful options to choose from, but me, I'm a sucker for traditional sugar cookies.

Great way to kick off Christmas Party Season! AKA the December 15 pound weight gain. It's so worth it.

Am I right?

The End. 


  1. I loved it all! You guys are amazing.

  2. It was amaze-balls!! You simple amaze me miss Lela Boyd! Do your talents have no end? Totally worth taking on traffic for! Loved it and you even more!

  3. YAHOOOOOOOOO! It's done and was such a success! You are so amazing girl! Love working with you. PS the sparkly photos-- I'm dead! Amazing!

  4. I'm helping do ours and I guarantee it will not be that pretty! We are doing breakfast instead, nice and casual! Where do you find all your time and energy? I'm amazed!