Dec 9, 2013

The {Not So} Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

My friends, Dan & Kristi, hosted a super fun Christmas Dinner Party this weekend. Luckily, she moved into a big beautiful house recently so we had room for the minions to run a muck, but man, things sure are crazy with 14 kids all up in yo face! I always joke that we need dog crates for them...maybe I'm not joking. 

Kristi is probably the funnest person I know. She's basically a breathing, walking, party on the go. So, of course it was a blast. We wore ugg sweaters, ate appetizers and desserts, drank Mormon bubbly and had a fun white elephant gift exchange with the parentals while the kids watched Elf. And by watched Elf, I mean ran all over the house leaving trails of crumbs, squeezing juice boxes on her nice furniture and dumping out buckets of crayons and toys. See, we need dog crates. 
 Erin and I tried to find ugg sweaters at Wal-mart but I think they've caught on that their ugg sweaters are a hit so they're trying to make us pay billions of dollars for them. Who do they think they are, Target?!? So we bought five dolla sweatshirts and got our craft on! The envy of elementary teachers everywhere. 

 I painted a buck on Sean's sweatshirt and I think it's basically homemade Christmas couture. 
The crew. 
 Indy and Lexi sitting in a tree...
 The white elephant was hilarious. Josh scored a Duck Dynasty throw. 
 I think I was the big winner with a pack of mesh panties (I LOVE hospital mesh panties) and candy that Stephanie gifted. 
 Sean scored some Victoria Secret nip tassels, but alas, they were stolen by Erin. 
 We played some heads up and Parker was the best! He schooled us all!

Of course there was food and of course it was yumtastic. I made soft pretzel bites with a spicy white cheddar dipping sauce and coconut macaroons for dessert. 

Erin made homemade Swedish Meatballs and I probably ate half of them all by my self. Winning. 

Christmas Party perfection! Thanks Jonesessss!

The End. 

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