Dec 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Last year, on Thanksgiving, we woke up early in a hotel room in Virginia Beach. It was our last day there before driving back out to California. We had planned a feast with our friends, the Buschmanns, but to our surprise (and immense joy) my friend Nicci went into Labor that day. So instead we spent our last day in Virginia snuggling their sweet bébé girl in the hospital and crying tears of joy, thankful we were able to meet her before we moved away. That week was so emotional. We tearfully said goodbye to our good friends the Overfelts and had a fabulous dinner with the Lunas before packing up and heading west. 

This year, the week of Thanksgiving has been eventful and emotional as well. We saw my parents, welcomed our friends, the Meilsoes, back home and then spent a wonderful Thanksgiving day with them and the Smiths. On Thanksgiving day the table was set with silver and gold that Stephanie and I arranged together. Luckily, Stephanie and Erin are amazing home chefs. So, between the three of us we had a feast of EPIC proportion. I was truly convinced that our dinner was the tastiest in the whole wide world. I wish you all could have been here to enjoy with us! This week also ended with a new bébé girl--more on that later :)

 I set the kids their own fancy little table. They were pleased.

 The menu was traditional and all homemade with love. We had herb roasted turkey with a orange zest cranberry sauce, honey glazed ham, sweet potatoes, stuffing, au gratin potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry fruit salad and rolls with whipped butter. 

 Dessert was my FAVORITE part. We had salted butterscotch pot de crème + pecan pie + pumpkin mousse + pumpkin pecan lust cake. Yes, I had all four desserts. Yes, I gained ten pounds in ten minutes. 

 Indy was stoked to get a turkey leg. He showed that turkey who's boss!
On a day to be mindful of all we have to be Thankful for, I was about as thankful as you can get. The blessings in my life are too many to count, yet so abundant in my eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The End. 

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  1. Yummy! Everything looked so beautiful! Such a happy day! xoxo