Nov 28, 2013

Through Daysen's Eyes {A getaway with the Grandparents}

A few years ago, Daysen's Grandpa Steve bought him a camera--an awesome camera. I've been encouraging Daysen to be more creative with his photography and to practice taking pictures as much as possible. SO, he had the perfect opportunity when my parents came down to Cali for a visit earlier this week. My parents picked up my 3 big boys and drove them up to Orange County for 3 days of pure awesomeness. I stayed home and got tons and tons and TONS of stuff done. How's that for awesome?!?! I had Daysen take pictures with his camera to document all the fun. He did a great job! Check out his skills. 
 He took my picture before he left (probably to remember how friggin' awesome his Mom is).
 He got some cool shots of the drive up...

 Great Grandma Mavis and her lovely yard...

 Their fabulously fun day at Knott's Berry Farm with aunties Mary and Christina, cousin Braden and Grandma and Grandpa Hartwig. Luck-eeeeeee!

 I can't imagine where he would get the idea to take pictures of his food. Who does that?

I'm so proud of my sweet Daysen. He's kinda the best.
Also, I could get use to my parents taking my kids for three days and spoiling the crap out of them. I love them so. 

The End. 

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