May 19, 2013

Pretty Boy Boyd

Sean's dad, Steve, came to visit this last week. Grandpa Steve is one cool Daddy-O. We love having him come to visit and my boys just absolutely adore their Grandpa, which I'm pretty sure is mutual. He stayed just 5 short days but we had lots of fun. First stop was dinner at Playa Grill. 
 We've had quite a bit of family say that Indy resembles his Grandpa Steve. I think they have the same face-shape for sure. Wouldn't you agree?
 Once we got home from dinner Indy was being all lovey-dovey and running back and forth from Daddy to Grandpa for kisses.  All the Boyd Boys sure are a huggy-kissy bunch. Which of course I love. 

We spent one morning walking around Hillcrest after breakfast at Snooze. I saw this front door and decided it's perfect. I want it. WANT! We drove around Balboa park admiring all the architecture and greenery. Bougainvillea is in bloom everywhere in San Diego right now. I'm obsessed. 
During the week we hit up some yummy places like Burger Lounge, Pizzeria Luigi and tacos at California Burrito. The boys went to see Iron Man 3 and we spent the rest of the week watching movies and old episodes of Little Rascals, sitting out watching the kids ride bikes and just hanging out talking. We always have great conversation and laugh and laugh and laugh. 

We even ordered a Buddy Holly album and sat and listened to it together. We maybe even cried a little. Yup we did. It was sweet. 
I dare you to listen to it without getting nostalgic. Double dog dare. 
We talked a lot about Steve's life and how crazy and interesting it has been. I love hearing stories about his youth and about when Sean was a kid. Sean was raised by his Dad; just the two of them in their bachelor pad. They have the sweetest relationship and I'm so grateful for Steve's influence in his life. I realize that many of the things I love about Sean he got from his dad. We were reminded of this photo that was taken of Steve when he was in the NAVY right here in San Diego over 50 years ago. No wonder Steve's friends called him a pretty boy. 

"Pretty Boy" Boyd himself. I can definitely see a resemblance to my boys. Thanks for passing down the good looks Steve!
Love you Papa Steve! Thanks for the wonderful visit and for always reminding us that "these are the good old days." 


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  1. I can not believe how much Sean's dad looks like him when he was you g! Crazy! Both such handsome guys! Good looks run on both sides of the Fam. No wonder your boys are so cute!