May 20, 2013

According to iPhone {5.20.13}

I have a goal to always have fresh flowers on the table. So far my little backyard oasis hasn't let me down. 
We fixed Zane's hair like this and now he asks for it every day. It suits him don't you think?
 Travis and Myriam came for a visit early this week. I had a few extra pics on my phone that I loved. Like this selfie I took while ripsticking into the sunset. 

Sean's dad Steve came to visit this week too. Which was double awesome because Sean took the week off work and we got to have some lunch dates and more time with him. So I just took pictures of him walking...because he's hot. 
 We had a great time BBQ-ing, hot-tubbing, and playing games with our friends, the Meilsoes. Can you believe the cuteness of their daughter Signe's {Danish and pronounced Seen-uh} buns?!? Do you know how many squats I do to try to get buns like that? We had awesome food, the kids swam until their feet were wrinkled and then we played the funnest Game--iPhone App called "Head's Up"...which we quickly realized I am not very good at. 
Oh little love bug. I'll take all the kisses I can get. 
Indy was helping me teach my Primary class.
Indy demands to take a shower with Sean in the morning. He has a little seat he sits on and a little cup and spoon he holds. He is DEFINITELY Sean's son-- A serious creature of habit.
The End.

*Also this week: My blog got an updated look courtesy of my talented friend Liz. Thank Boo!*

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