May 23, 2013

Tess + Rogue

One of my dearest and oldest friends, Tess, moved away from San Diego after we moved to Virginia Beach last summer. I've decided "move" is the WORST four letter word there is. I hate it. Tess and I have known each-other since first grade and grew up together in a small town in Idaho. We had SO much fun for the few years we were in San Diego together, but after having her first child--Idaho and family were calling her name. So Tess and her little fam packed up and moved back to Idaho. 

Tess and her family are in town for the weekend so we got to meet up with them in San Clemente yesterday. Since we left for Virginia Beach before her son Rogue was born, this was the first time we got to meet him. Isn't he the CUTEST! I love him. 
 We were so excited for our little baby besties to meet too. Even though Rogue is almost 6 months younger that Indy, he was a little bit taller. That kid is destined for greatness...let me just tell you. Tess is one of the greatest athletes I've ever known. 

 Of course Zane had to show off for Tess. 

  Tess was staying right near the beach so we loaded kids into strollers and walked through the beach town to Pizza Port. It was perfect. They had an arcade to keep the kids busy so we could chat and catch up while chowing down on yummy pizza. 

 After dinner we walked to a little frozen yogurt shop before heading back to her hotel. It was a fast and furious visit but SO much fun. I sure love and miss that gal.
 I have to say I'm a little broken hearted that we didn't get to be mommies together. When she did live in San Diego she was a busy girl--working downtown while conquering corporate America. It's just not FAIR!!!

*stomp feet*

Love you Tess and Rogue! 
Come back soon. Mmmkay?


  1. You're right, the word "move" does suck!!! Hate it! But I love you and I love Zane's new haircut! He looks so Gatsby!

  2. Ahhhh That was soo cute! I really want to eat some of that pizza. Airmail?