May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend Getaway 2013

Disclaimer: My stinking camera lens bit the dust this weekend so I had to shoot everything in manual focus, which I'm clearrrrrly horrible at. I cried puddles of tears after uploading all my photos to see that 98% of them were blurry. I used some of them anyway. Blurry memories it is. 

We met up with a good chunk of family in St. George, Utah for a super-fun 4 day Memorial weekend. Even though most of Friday and Monday were spent road-tripping, we still packed in lots of great stuff.   
Saturday morning we left all the kids with my sisters at Aunt Aeme's while we attended the Temple Sealing of my cousin Aubree and her husband Karson. It was a beautiful ceremony. Lots of happy tears. 
Afterwards Sean and I hit up this little drive-thru shack called Swig. I had read about their legendary Dirty Dr Pepper and Swig Sugar Cookies, so I had to try them. It's a good thing I don't live in St. George...I'm pretty sure I'd make this my daily breakfast. 
We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with family at Aunt Aeme's house enjoying food and family. 

 Aubree and me. She's a babe . 
 I'm so sad this is blurry, but seeing babies with their Grandpa just melts me.

Sunday morning we headed off to church where my cousin Travis blessed his new baby boy. Our family filled the first few rows of pews and as I looked over at My Grandma Mavis sobbing while she admired all her children, grand children and great grandchildren...I started to cry as well. Then I noticed all the women were crying. Bunch of boobs I tell you (pun definitely intended). 

 As we squeezed in tight to take a group shot, my Grandma Mavis tearfully expressed her love for all of us and so we all cried and sobbed some more. How amazing that must feel to see all these shining faces that are all here because of you. 

After another awesome luncheon Sean and I packed up our kiddos and left for Vegas. We stopped off in Mesquite to bring flowers to my Grandpa Frehner. He named me Lelalove in a poem he wrote when I was born. He's the best. 

 The cemetery was filled with flags for Memorial Day Weekend. 
Check out this photo of my Grandma and Grandpa Frehner. This upcoming September is their 55th wedding anniversary. What a legacy these two have. I love them.  
We spent Sunday night with our friends the Palmers. It was my friend Carolyn's birthday so her husband Billy grilled up an awesome dinner. The kids had SO much fun with their buds. We went to the park, had root beer floats, watched  movies and then hit up a Vegas breakfast buffet before heading for home. 
 Mommies with our baby boys. Only my baby is a giant. 

...Now onto unpacking, cleaning and laundry. Yippeeee!


  1. What a wonderful account of all the activities have been going on. You do such a beautiful job. The only thing I could see that needed revision is that grandma's anniversary is in September. it was so great to see you all hope we can do it again soon.

  2. So sweet! You Boyds always have so much fun!! :-) So, there is a lens FILTER that you can buy (I'm fairly sure it's $30 or less) that helps you focus in manual! It's awesome! Corey bought it for me because I STINK at manual focus and was always getting SOOO frustrated! This lens filter just screws on right over your lens and you keep it on all of the time (unless you're switching lens filters). Bonus, it protects your lens from scratches and such. We have half a dozen lens filters...some make colors more vibrant, some make images POP, etc. They're awesome. Our favorite camera store in San Diego is George's Camera down in Hillcrest area.