May 29, 2013

According to iPhone {5.28.13}

~This week~

Indy started asking for Da-deeee around 3:30 every day and would wait by the door for him to get home. 
 Tess and Rogue came to visit. 
Mary and Ryan came to visit too. We had lunch in Coronado and it was wonderful. 
 Summer grilling has officially started. Indy would rather have boogers though. 

Zane got a new hairstyle and therefor wanted me to take pictures of "how cool I look." 

Ollie and Indy had a few play-dates while his Mama was in the hospital having his little brother Leo. 
Leo Davis Jones was born and warmed my soul with his sweet newborn smell. 
We got away to Utah for Memorial Day Weekend. 
I was soooo bored on the drive and was thereby forced to take funny pictures in photo-booth on the iPad. 
We got Swig cookies and a Dirty Dr Pepper in St. George. Sans the minions.
We went to church with a million of my family members. Okay maybe not a million... 
We spent LOTS of time in the car. Vegas traffic is my FAVORITE. 
We brought flowers to my Grandpa and told him how much we love and miss him.

I got to snuggle another new baby. Sweet little Oliver. 
We ended the week driving home and stopping occasionally for a car-side bathroom break. 
The End. 


  1. I am dying to see baby Leo! I also love how I didn't even bat an eye at that picture of Sean's bicep. I just thought "oh, there's Sean's huge muscles again" and kept scrolling. Ha!

    1. Ha! Can't WAIT for you to visit! Sean will love you forever for saying that. He looks like a cartoon! I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants in the car...well maybe I peed a little.

  2. Fun week for sure! You inspire to me to blog more...I have been terrible at it this last year : /

  3. Love the baby buddies!! And their matching kicks! Thanks again SO much for helping out with Ollie Wally while I had baby Leo you are freaking amazeballs!! And I love your pretty face!! Mmmwah!!! You are rocking the blogging girly! I love seeing your posts! Makes me smile ear to ear :))