Jan 14, 2014

Arizona {cabin + snow}

We just got back from a lovely vacation to Arizona. We drove to Mesa and stayed with David and Lizzy for one night before heading to Lizzy's family cabin in Pinetop. Liz and I made a menu for the weekend and we shopped and prepped like the food ninjas we are (reputations to uphold ya know). We even squeezed in a double-date to La Grande Orange that ended in salted caramel gelato--a good way to end anything in life. The Smiths and the Bakers met up with us at the cabin. It. Was. Awesome. 

So here's the deal: My kids have never, ever, ever, seen snow. Not once. They were freaking out at the chance that we would be seeing it on our trip. When we were driving up the mountain they started seeing little drifts of white and were literally screaming. My mom-guilt for their snow-absent lives was finally over. 

 We took the boys on a walk so they could scavenge little patches of snow to make snowballs with. I tried to explain to them how cold and icy snow is, but until they had a giant snow ball stuffed down the back of their shirts, they couldn't truly comprehend.  

 Saturday morning we bundled up the minions and headed 30 minutes up the mountain to a sledding hill at the base of a ski resort. My kids are still talking about it. I mean, just look at Zane's face. Pure joy. 

 There were quite a few disastrous incidents on the hill. Sean endured the worst crash of all after flying through the air and landing on his butt. It's purple. His butt is purple. 

 We didn't take hardly any pictures of the adults. I was pretty bummed about it until I remembered that I probably looked like a hobo all weekend. I got a few shots of friends though. 
The Bakers (minus baby Mason)

The Bryants
 The cabin was cozy, the food was delicious and baby Cora was the perfect little person to cuddle up with by the fire.

 The last day the Papas took the Kiddies to the lake to run around and play while we packed up. 
 When we got back to Mesa we were able to stay an extra day and have dinner with Sean's brother, Kenneth, and his newly expecting wife Kari. Finally a cousin on that side of the family!!!

 On Monday us girls went shopping at Last Chance before meeting up with David to be part of Lizzy's gender ultrasound (you'll have to check her blog for deets on that). We had dinner at Tia Rosa's with the Bryants before skipping town...but not before getting backed into by a car in the Target parking lot. 

Fun. Fun. And more fun. 

The End. 

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  1. I LOOOOOVE this post almost as much as I love Arizona! Glad you had fun...minus the bumper beater! Grrrr.