Jan 6, 2014

My Boo turns 32

So, this weekend was Seanny Nonny's 32nd day of birth.

I took him on a din-din date to D bar...
Made him a birthday breakfast of Crêpes...
Planned a Sunday Dinner Potluck with our pals...
...and made him his favorite BBQ chicken + Ribbies.

 Erin made him a German Chocolate cake that was heavenly perfection.
 We sang him Hacky Burffday.
 ...and Indy thought we were singing to him. 
 Maybe you can't tell, but my love language might just be feeding the heck out of you. Good thing he loves to be fed. Happy Birthday, Babe! We love your guts. 

The End. 

1 comment :

  1. Happy Days at the Boyd house! Love all the photos! The food & table looked lovely (as per usual!) That D-Bar platter has ours & a couple girl friends names on it...SOON! xoxo