Jan 2, 2014

New Year's Day 2014

 New Year's Day in San Diego needs to be spent outside. The weather was beautiful and the hubbubs had the day off. So, we hit up the gym with the Meilsoes and made plans to pack a lunch to take to the zoo. I usually have to drag the kids to the zoo whilst husbandless so that was a nice change to have help. We always bring our lunch and have a picnic in the tree-house over by the gorillas--there's a beautiful view of Panda canyon. 

 Zane climbs everything. I mean, everything. Last time we went to the zoo he climbed a tree and found some branches to swing from "Tarzan style." We got looks for that one. I'm sure people think I'm all kinds of horrible for allowing him to be so dangerous. Hey, at least he had shoes on. 

San Diego...I love you. 

Happy 2014 peeps!

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  1. I love the zoo--especially when cute kids act like monkeys too! :)