Jan 1, 2014

New Year's Eve 2013

We decided to have a pretty chill New Year's Eve this year. We spent the day taking down Christmas and cleaning the garage. Poor Sean. I really use and abuse him on his days off. He's just such a good pack horse and random tasker. 

We bathed kids, let them have a bubbly toast to the New Year and then sent them to bed so we could have a few couples over for a little NYE shindig. I hung up a bunch of random decorations I had left over from old parties--I had no energy for planning anything extravagant. New Years is one of those weird holidays where in your head, you want it to be eventful, but it just never is. It's usually food, way too much Martenelli's and then fighting heavy eyelids to watch that damn ball drop and get your midnight kiss. 
 We decided to have Cheese + Chocolate fondue. Can't go wrong there. 

Sean (aka Bromance) was getting purrdy cuddly. 
Rather than bother the menfolk to take pictures, we set up my camera on the table and let it continuously shoot on a timer. I have over 50 pictures of some ridiculousness--to include us doing the robot, snuggling and jumping around.  

 I sure love these people. I'm impressed that we actually stayed awake until midnight this year. Go us. I think we've spent the last four New Year's Eves together (sadly minus the Bryants...sniff sniff) but plus the Meilsoes. I'm excited for 2014 and all the new memories just waiting to be made.
Happy New Year!

The End. 

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