Feb 13, 2014

According to iPhone | 2.13.2014

Lately in Life...

This week ranunculus, freesia, camellias, calla lilies and daffodils are in bloom in my yard. One of my most cherished things about San Diego is the steady growth and life going on outside. No dead grass and brown landscapes. Always color. Always something changing. I would really love if I had room for a big garden, but for now I'm content with what I do have. Someday...
 Indy bear turned two! 
 We accidentally matched. We were channeling our inner "Waldo."
 We took Indy to SeaWorld for his birthday. Fun was had by all. 

 Daysen passed Sacrament for the first time. His ordination was really special. I love that kid. 
Kids made Valentines, wore red to school and came home with buckets of candy and cards. Let the four day weekend begin!

Oh, and it's 81 degrees outside today. #sorrynotsorry.

The End. 

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  1. The picture of Brenner & Zane on the ride is killing me. We all know Zane is looking for a way to make it dangerous i.e. jump out and Brenner is just like "YEAAAHHH! WOO HOO!" Love your family. Lots of special days recently!